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Where: Embassy Suites in Frisco, Texas
When: Sunday Evening, December 21, 2008
Time: Ceremony at 6pm with reception following in the ballroom

Monday, February 16, 2009

Wedding Pictures

Sorry it has been so long since I posted here. As you all know, the wedding was absolutely beautiful. The whole weekend was so much fun! Let me focus this post on the Bachelor & Bachelorette parties... because Cris wasn't able to fly in sooner than two days before the wedding, we scheduled the bachelor & bachelorette parties for Friday night, December 19th. Samantha picked Cris up at the airport that afternoon and went straight to the Embassy Suites hotel to check in. She and Cris had a romance package scheduled in the Botanica Spa at the hotel before the parties were to begin. That way they would be able to have some personal time together since they hadn't seen each other for so long. The bachelors were meeting at Dave & Busters across the street at the Stonebriar mall for dinner and billiards. The bachelorettes started their party in my hotel suite... Angela (the matron of honor) arranged for a 'Passion Party'. We had alot of fun... being silly... doing jello shots (thanks to Nalani!)... and drinking rum punch! The girls decided to crash the bachelor party for a bit before returning to the hotel to continue the party in the hot tub that was open until 1am.

Samanth & Cris at Dave & Busters

Glenn, William, Patch, Cris & Craig

Caroline & Wendy from Reno with Sam

Me and Cheri... her tongue is blue from the blue jello shots, LOL!

Cousin Sara, Wendy, Sam & Caroline getting ready to crash the bachelor party. Yes... Sam has a sign on her back that says "I'm tying the knot... so buy me a shot!". And it worked, cause several people bought her a shot at Dave & Busters. LOL!

These are just a highlight of the pictures that we took. I figured that the parties were a big success because we all had a good time and no one got kicked out of the hotel or arrested... though hotel security did have to come tell us to quiet down (hehehee).

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